Our top 6 tips for Valentines Day
February 13, 2024

Our top 6 tips for Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again! Cupid is on standby, arrow at the ready – here are our top tips to make your Valentines Day special.

1. Get organised early! Order your flowers in advance – do not wait until the last minute, as many florists will have limited supply later in the day.
2. Pick the Morning Organize your flowers to be delivered in the morning – getting flowers at the start of the day makes a woman feel remembered.
3. Sign your name in your message card – it will be kept and cherished and actually makes the gesture more romantic.
4. Get Personal Make sure you know your loved one’s favourite colour and flowers – personalisation will make a difference, trust us!
5. Do small romantic gestures often, not just once in a blue moon. Everyone loves to feel loved and appreciated, and sometimes being reminded of this is just what your partner needs.
6. Make time to spend with your special someone – a walk to the park, treat yourselves to an evening at the cinema (without the kids), pizza on the deck with candles and fairy lights, and always flowers – you can never give or send too many flowers.