Thank you for your interest in placing an order for Market Flowers at Northside Flower Market. Please fill in the below form and we will get back to you shortly.


  • Once flowers are ordered we do not accept changes.
  • We recommend ordering an extra bunch or two.
  • A second option will be requested.
  • Flowers are perishable and while every care is taken while in our shop sometimes flowers can be damaged in transit and no one will be aware of this until they are unwrapped.
  • To help fill your order, please give as much notice as possible

We will require a second option in case the flowers you choose are not available. Some reasons why flowers are not available include;

  • Transport issues
  • Pests
  • Quality control
  • Climate variations
  • High demand

Payment in full is required when placing a market order. In the event of cancellation or non-collection no refunds will be processed and also a  restocking fee may apply. We make every effort to ensure prices are correct at the time of ordering however due to availability & seasonal factors, prices and stock on the date of collection are subject to change. All prices are estimates only.