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Ficus Elastica "Tineke" in a 200mm pot and hessian gift bag.

Position & lighting

Ficus elastica will do best in bright light. It can be hardened to handle dappled to full sunlight on its leaves for a few hours a day but if you see burnt patches or wilting leaves, move it to a more sheltered spot.


Maintain a regular watering routine. Keep the soil moist but let it dry out slightly between waterings. To monitor this, you can use a moisture probe or your finger to poke into the top 5 cm of potting mix and feel the soil moisture level. If it feels particularly wet, let it dry for longer. Over watering can lead to fungal issues or root rot. You will need to water weekly on average, but test the soil first.


Ficus elastica has thick rubbery leaves and is fine in humid conditions. In a dry environment leaves may brown at the edges.


Feed with liquid fertiliser fortnightly when you notice your plant is in a growth stage.

Extra Notes

Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust. Prune off any damaged or dying leaves with sharp scissors or secateurs. 


Many Ficus plants including Ficus elastica have a milky sap in the stems and leaves that can cause gastrointestinal issues if eaten and skin irritation if left on the skin for a time. Keep plants away from your mammal friends.

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