Order your market bunches of flowers to create your own wedding flowers!
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Please fill out our market bunch enquiry form below and one of our wedding consultants will be in contact to discuss your enquiry further.

Please note:

  • A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for Wedding market flower orders.
  • Order extra - flowers break, aren't always perfect or can be easily damaged. If you have spares left over, they can be used in arrangements.
  • A second flower option will be requested in case the flowers you choose are not available. This may be because of Transit issues, Pests, Quality Control, Climate Variation, High Demand and more.
  • Flowers are perishable and while every care is taken while in our shop, sometimes flowers can be damaged in transit and no one will be aware of this until they are unwrapped. This happens for us also, and we order extra (just in case).
  • We recommend you collect your market flowers the day before your wedding.
  • If you are planing to refrigerate your flowers, do not use a domestic refrigerator, drinks fridge or any other means of cooling other than air conditioning in a dark room or a florists' cool room. Flower fridges are specialized, high-humidity fridges which run at higher temperatures than food fridges. Storing flowers in a food or drinks fridge will destroy them.