Wedding packages Brisbane

Wedding FAQs

Are wedding consultations free?

Yes, the first consultation is free.

Complete the Enquire About Wedding Flowers Form online. One of our florists will call you to arrange a consultation time. Please allow 30 minutes for a wedding consultation in our shop.  All consultations are face to face unless you live overseas or regionally/interstate. If you do live overseas we will require a Brisbane contact who we can communicate with directly.

What happens during the consultation?

The wedding consultant will discuss seasonality, design, colour, budget and ideas for your flowers.  You will be provided with a price and you can book in your flowers with a 30% deposit.

What happens if the flowers I want aren’t in season when I am getting married?

Sometimes a second option will be required for flowers even though they are in season, experience has proven they can sometimes not be wedding standard or come in the desired colour theme.

We can also incorporate silk or artificial flowers if you desire. Other mementos, keepsakes and heirlooms can also be incorporated into your design. They will need to be provided to us the month prior to the wedding depending on the item.

How do I know what I’ve ordered?

After the consultation you will receive an email. You will either receive a dot point quote with a break down and total or you will receive a booked wedding form itemising your wedding flowers, when and how much the final payment is due.

When do I have to pay?

A quote is not a booked wedding. A booked wedding is when a 30% + deposit or full payment has been made for the wedding flowers. Some weekends are more popular than others, so if our consultant informs you the weekend is filling up then we recommend you book as soon as possible. Most brides book their flowers on the day of the consultation so they have peace of mind.

What happens one month before the wedding?

One of our florists will call you the month before the wedding to finalise details and process final payment. We recommend no further changes in the final month, as we place our orders with growers. Any changes can result in further charges being added to your order.

What’s a Seasonal Wedding Package?

This is our way of letting you relax and not having to add another item to your to-do list. Give us your colour theme and we will do the rest. Easy, pretty, beautiful, relaxed.

What’s a bespoke wedding bouquet?

This is a finely tailored bouquet incorporating exact flowers, in exact shades.

Do you Deliver?

Yes, we can deliver your wedding flowers Monday through Saturday from $50 for Brisbane, $100+ for outside Brisbane Metropolitan. Wedding flowers can be delivered separately – to bride, groom, reception etc. Each incurs it’s own delivery fee. We do not deliver to the Sunshine or Gold Coasts or Darling Downs.

Flower Collection

Most people arrange a relative or friend to collect the flowers. Wedding boxes are BIG. They take up an entire back seat of a mid size sedan. We recommend an SUV or station wagon or any nice, clean, decent sized, empty car. If the vehicle is packed and the wedding flowers can’t fit in, this can cause undue stress on the big day. We highly recommend they do not go into a car boot, it’s too hot for wedding flowers in there and we cannot guarantee their freshness if transported this way.

Do you set up flowers at ceremonies and receptions?

Yes, depending on the amount of work required it’s usually minimum of 2 people for an hour plus travel time starting $100. Insurance and other indemnity contracts may need to be arranged beforehand, depending on location.

I’m getting married on a Sunday and you’re not open, what happens then?

We are usually free to meet at our shop to arrange a wedding flower collection. Usually no deliveries are made on a Sunday.

Is it OK if I pick up my flowers the day before?

Yes, we recommend they are kept in a cool, air conditioned room and not handled in any way until the photographer arrives. A light misting may be required if it’s very hot weather. If they can’t be kept in air conditioning then we recommend they stay in our cool room overnight.  Hand held posies are in buckets of water. If it is a fully wired bouquet then we recommend to keep it in our cool room until late as possible.

Should I put buttonholes and corsages in the fridge?

They can be kept in air conditioning a few hours before the photographer arrives. Buttonholes and corsages and some wired bouquets have no water source. Every flower and piece of foliage is wired and taped into place. Therefore they require special handling. If it’s a very hot day and the wedding is a way off then wrap the cellophane box in a tea towel and place in the crisper part of the fridge (this is the hottest part of the fridge), never the deli section (it’s the coldest).  Our cool rooms are cool but have a very high humidity, food fridges have little to no humidity so can dehydrate flowers very quickly.

I want to make my own bouquets – can I buy market bunches?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with market bunches. The price may vary due to seasonality and if they are a special order, or a flower we don’t usually stock. If you require flowers to be open you will need to collect them a few days before, the florist will let you know on the day of ordering how many days in advance. We sell florist tape, wire and cutters. We recommend you provide your own ribbon.

A 50% deposit is required with final payment on the day, we can advise price the day before. There are no changes to special orders for market flowers in the last month and whatever is ordered must be collected and paid for with credit card on file – we are not able to return flowers to growers if you change your mind. If for some reason we can’t purchase the flowers you are after we will endeavour to organise you a second option, we will discuss this with you prior.

There is no email correspondence for this option as it does not go to the wedding bouquet section of our shop.  We recommend you collect your flowers the day before to allow time to make your bouquets. Bring lots of buckets or have buckets ready at home with cool, clean, fresh water. If you have someone else making your bouquets with our flowers, whether they are a friend or another florist, they take over the responsibility for flower care, damage, wastage and the final product as the process is now out of our control.

What do I need to make bouquets?

Making a wedding bouquet can be fun. We recommend you double the amount of time you think you will need to make them. Being up until 2am making flowers before a wedding is not super fun. Pick up the flowers early, but a day before at the earliest and get cracking as soon as possible. Ensure each bouquet has its own vase or bucket – make sure it’s all very clean. Don’t fuss or handle flowers for long. When people are stressed or nervous their hands perspire and heat can transfer into the flowers quickly. Do not let your flowers out of water for more than 20 minutes. Strip foliage and remove excess and put all the individual flowers you want in each bouquet into each bucket. Make your bouquets quickly and place them into the buckets. Once the entire wedding bouquet is complete bind them off and put them in the vases with just enough water for the stems, not covering the ribbon. Make buttonholes and corsages last, wire everything and then construct and put them in air conditioning. Don’t handle flowers for long – this will kill them faster than anything. Remember – cool room, cool air con, cool hands, cool head. Save the champers for when you’ve done the job then CHEERS.

I want you to make my wedding bouquet but I want to do my own reception flowers

Yes, we can do that also. We are happy to make your bouquets and you make your own reception designs. We will put your market flowers in your wedding flower order. They must be paid for and collected. No changes to market flowers in the last month, as per wedding orders.

Why are wedding bouquets so expensive?

OK, this is a question we hear all the time, so get your cuppa…

Every single flower in a wedding bouquet needs to be purchased as a full bunch of flowers, so if you have 12 different flowers in your bouquet, then we need to purchase 12 full bunches of those varieties to make that bouquet.

If you want a buttonhole in every colour then a full bunch of that flower needs to be purchased for that buttonhole.

Wedding bouquets are not the same design and style technique as a regular bouquet for a vase. It is a completely different skill set, which can take years of training after becoming a qualified florist. This is for a few reasons – wedding bouquets:

  • are to be held in the hand, not for a vase,
  • they must be front facing, not upright and
  • they must be balanced in the hand.
  • they require waterproofing to cover the stems (taping) and miles of ribbon to cover the taping,
  • are for your photographs – always make sure you ask the photographer to get some really beautiful close up shots of your flowers.
  • must match the wedding theme – relaxed, outdoor, formal, cottage, cocktail. The colour theme – bright, bold, soft, pastel, all white, etc.
  • finally – wedding flowers are much tighter, compact design so that there is no space unless that is part of the design, so no dark patches appear on your photos.

Wedding flowers need to be wedding quality, perfect for the day. They must be ready on time and packaged safely. Packaging takes a huge amount of time and resources so they can be transported safely.

There are many different personnel involved in your wedding flowers. The consultant, the administration to email the quotes and ensure paperwork goes to the correct sections, accounts to process payments and purchasing to ensure the flowers are in on time, open correctly, the ribbon and packing is already and finally the florist to design and create the bouquets with an assistant to check and package the designs. Then delivery and set up is another set of personnel again. All those people are required in a large florist to ensure your wedding flowers are done on time, on budget and make you SUPER happy when you receive your flowers on the day.

We create wedding bouquets every weekend, making thousands of happy brides through Brisbane and beyond, so we are confident we can help you on your special day.