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Position & Lighting

Stromanthe are ground cover plants and thrive in a warm position with medium filtered to soft light. They thrive in humid environments so keep them away from drafts, air conditioners and heating. When placed in too bright a position the leaves may fade or lose their patterns. Moving them into a more sheltered spot will resolve this with new growth. Keep them away from heating/cooling units as they are very sensitive to cold or hot drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations.


Maintain a regular watering routine, keeping the soil moist. Over watering can lead to fungal issues or root rot. If the soil feels dry it’s time to water. Long periods of dryness result in dry, brown leaf tips and margins, or rolled up/limp leaves. Irregular watering can result in yellowing leaf tips.


Feed with liquid fertiliser fortnightly over the warm, growing period and not at all over the cooler winter months. 

Other notes:

Wipe down leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust. As leaves age they usually fade in colour or brown off. These can be pruned off.

Stromanthe is a member of the arrowroot family and not toxic to pets.

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