Ctetanthe "Setosa" or "Grey Star" in a 200mm pot.

Position & Lighting

Ctenanthe are herbaceous ground cover plants related to Stromanthes and Calatheas. They prefer a warm position with medium filtered to soft light. Fading leaves or those losing their pattern indicates they are getting too much light. Keep them away from cooling/heating sources as they are very sensitive to drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations.


Water regularly in the warmer months. In summer, keep the soil moist but not sodden. Over watering can lead to fungal issues or root rot.


Ctenanthe thrive in humid environments.


Feed with liquid fertiliser fortnightly over the warm, growing period. 

Extra Tips

Wipe the leaves with a soft damp cloth to remove dust. Prune off any damaged or dying leaves using a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs.


Ctenanthes may cause individual allergic reactions.

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