June 21, 2019

Have you always wanted to grow and propagate your own plant babies? We share our top tips on using your new Propagation Station! 

  1. Choose a stem that has two or three leaves and cut just below a node (this is where new shoots emerge).
  2. Put the cutting into a clear vase or glass so you can watch the roots grow. You can add a tiny amount of rooting hormone as well.
  3. Put your new cutting in a spot with plenty of light. The root system will grow over the following days or weeks.
  4. Once the roots are developed, the cutting can be planted out.

Which plants can I propagate from leaf cuttings?

Pothos, Tradescantia, Umbrella Plant, Ribbon Plants, Rosemary, Philodendron and Prayer Plants / Calathea are just some of the plants you can propagate using the above method.