Flower Favourites: Snapdragons

October 03, 2018

This month we take a look at a classic favourite at Northside Flower Market - Snapdragons!

Our snaps are grown and sourced locally from South-East Queensland, and come in a wide variety of beautiful colours and vibrant colours.

Did you know? Snapdragons are named for their resemblance to the face of a dragon, that snaps when you squeeze it gently! Give it a try yourself next time you visit our Flower Bar!


Our top 5 ways to enjoy Snapdragons:
  1. Beautiful arrangements and bouquets found in store and online (Eg our Nina, Audrey or Lola)
  2. Featured in wedding bouquets
  3. Market Wraps available online
  4. Market bunches in store
  5. As single at The Flower Bar, for cake toppers or creating your own special posy